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Destination Chef Rates

The benefits of having a destination chef travel with you are immense, especially if you have a special diet or if bringing littles along on the trip. Imagine waking up to coffee prepared, your favorite breakfast in the processes and looking over to see the table set ready for you to start the day. Then, come home from a beach day to a glass of fresh made lemonade with local lemons.

Traveling for business? What could be better than a cocktail and snacks waiting for you when you walk through the door.

The cost to have an experienced chef travel with you to create unforgettable experiences is subject to costs of travel (including lodging nearby or with the client), materials (i.e. food costs, etc.), and a daily per diem. The daily per diem is subject to the number of guests. An average of nine hours is worked each day.

Come back from your beach day to freshly prepared hour d'oeuvres and a drink before you get ready to enjoy a curated to you sunset dinner in your own space.

Bringing littles along? I can provide child care while you have an adults night out or an adult friendly excursion. I have previous experience as a nanny for families and can provide references if needed. I love kids and can even provide enrichment activities in the kitchen like making cookies. A fee will be added to the daily per diem if you would like child care services. 

Traveling chef specializing in custom meals based in Lake Tahoe and Truckee.
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